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Aicci T1 tables are a new and unique product family on which we have gathered a comprehensive data package to this site. Should you have any questions, please send us a message. We will be happy to answer to you and update underlying list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does ’Aicci’ mean?

    We are often asked about the meaning of the name of our company – Aicci. The English expression for ‘Aicci’ is ‘I see’, referring to the ability to perceive with one’s eyes. In a common expression the underlying meaning is also ‘I understand, what you are saying’. ‘Aicci’ is in the form of an old celtic language spoken in Ireland.

    The operation of our company is related to seeing and requires all-round observation and understanding of not only lighting, but also various factors and our customers’ needs. For this reason ‘Aicci’ in its outlandishness is a befitting name for our company and products.

    You can find information about the etymology of the word ‘aicci’ for example in the dictionary:

    What is Casambi?

    Casambi is lighting control.

    Since the mood changes, interiors vary and everyone feels and senses light differently, the standard equipment of all Aicci tables includes Casambi lighting control. With the lighting control fitted to the table, you can dim the light, adjust the colour and saturation of the light.

    Aicci tables are Casampi’s partners’ products. Casambi is the core of an entire ecosystem of products. All Casambi’s native products, as well as all Casambi’s partners’ products, are 100% compatible with each other. All Casambi Ready products are configured and used with the Casambi app, available for both iOS and Android.

    You can find more information on our website about Casambi (click to Italic text)
    lighting control of the Aicci T1 tables
    app downloads and user guide
    Casambi X-press switch product description and user guide

    To find more information about Casambi functionalities and products etc., click to



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