Buy Aicci desk lamp for office and home office. Designed and made in Finland.

New Aicci DL1 desk lamps provide optimal light for office and computer work at the office and home office. To facilitate adaptation to rapid changes in working life, lighting solutions are needed that can be easily installed, moved and modified – if possible by the users themselves. The Aicci DL1 desk lamps are a well-being lighting and performance supporting solution for these new and transforming working environments.

Business customers, please contact before making your order.  The prices in the online shop include VAT and delivery costs. Aicci desk lamps are designed in Finland and manufactured in Muurame, Central Finland. The manufacturer is Aicci Oy. Delivery time 2-7 days. We deliver to mainland Finland, EU countries, Norway and Switzerland. Deliveries of our desk lamps start in July 2021.

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