Smart lighting control

Since the mood changes, interiors vary and everyone feels and senses light differently, the standard equipment of all Aicci tables includes a lighting control. With the lighting control fitted to the table you can dim the light, adjust the colour and saturation of the light.

The pleasantly soft light, which is pointed conventionally upwards and downwards, is excellent for the lighting of recreational rooms and bedrooms. The smart lighting control of the tables enables you to create various moods and atmospheres with light, and adjust either manually or with programmed timing. The reliable control system is suitable for both private and professional use.

Immediately ready for use

It is easy to start using the lighting control of the table and it takes no time: simply connect the power supply of the table into an electrical socket and download the Casambi app into your telephone, pad or smart watch. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store.

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Taking into use

It is easy to start controlling the Aicci tables with the Casambi application. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled in your control device (iOs or Android cell phone/pad/smartwatch)
2. Download the Casambi application from Apple App Store or Google Play.
3. Insert the connection plug of the Aicci table(s) into an electrical socket.
4. Open the Casambi app.
5. The app finds automatically all Casambi equipment, which are connected to the mains supply.
6. Tap on the text field: ”Enable”
7. The app adds the Aicci table(s) automatically into one network and opens a Lighting fixtures tab, where you can control the light.

You can find links to Casambi applications and user instructions from

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Versatile and flexible

The control of Aicci tables can be supplemented with sensors, such as motion detectors. In case of Aicci tables supplied with white LEDs, the light can also be controlled more traditionally with special wall-mounted switches and buttons, which are compatible with Casambi.

Aicci tables are Casambi devices, where lighting control is based on the wireless Bluetooth Low Energy data communication technology, where several devices can mutually communicate in the Bluetooth mesh network without special routers.

As such, the illumination of tables can be flexibly grouped, whereby, for example, in bedroom the illumination of bedside tables of a double bed can be controlled individually, in pairs or as part of a larger group. The lighting of tables in common rooms can be similarly controlled together or separately.


The Casambi lighting control system can be easily expanded. Other Casamby lighting fixtures can be added flexibly to the same control or a group with your Aicci tables.

You can also add other devices compatible with Casambi to the same control system with your Aicci tables. In addition to the Bluetooth 4.0 standard and Apple iOs and Android devices, Casambi supports DALI, EnOcean, iBeacon, Philips Hue and other more common dimming technologies.

Xpress switch

The Express switch is a battery-operated wireless wall switch, which uses the Low Energy Bluetooth technology and has properties specified through the Casambi app. The switch is supplied with a magnet, making it easy to grab it and snap it wherever you wish to use it.


Features of the Xpress switch:

Can be used for controlling tunable white LEDs.

• Control of lighting fixtures
• Control of a group of lighting fixtures
• Control of all lighting fixtures
• Control of lighting status
• Control of animations
• Gradual dimming
• Changing colour temperature

You can find Xpress description and user guide from

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