Illuminating tables

Aicci T1 table series is created for anyone who appreciates pleasant light and beauty in the interior. The illuminating decorative Aicci T1 tables are sofa tables and side tables, as well as mood-creating lamps for a space where beautiful and adjustable light is desired. The Aicci tables are meant to be used as individuals and in different groups. In the bedroom, the Aicci T1 table replaces the traditional bedside table and separate lamp and serves also as an ideal wake-up light.

The colour of the illuminating tabletop and the mood in the room can be shaded with adjustable lights and top-quality smart lighting control integrated into the tables. Aicci tables are produced to order with two alternative light sources: coloured LEDs or white LEDs. The series consists of five sizes. The base is available in two colours, black and white.

In designing the Aicci T1 product family, we have paid great attention to its details and practicality ensuring a long service life and responsible way of production and use. Despite the long service life, we have designed the structure of these tables so that the sources of light and the power supply could be easily repaired and replaced with Aicci instructions and spare parts. The Casambi X-press is a wall switch and an optional accessory of the Aicci T1 tables.

Aicci tables are designed in Finland and manufactured locally by Aicci in Muurame, Central Finland.


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