AICCI wood cladding panel that illuminates. Spruce veneer surface.

Illuminating natural wood surfaces and panels

AICCI LuminousWood gives you the freedom to innovate and create fully customised luminous genuine wood surfaces, characterised by aesthetic and exceptional versatility, used to promote well-being in visionary architectural projects.

Our wood surfaces and lighting solution set the benchmark for flexibility and reflect our dedication to push aesthetic and technological boundaries. Benefit our comprehensive project support from initial design stage to installation.

AICCI LuminousWood light panel with spruce frame and surface.

AICCI LuminousWood panel

AICCI LuminousWood light panels are suitable for cladding and illuminating walls, suspended ceilings, furniture and soundproof partitions, or as a single eye-catcher, to illuminate either from one or both sides.

  • Maximum size 1200×3000 mm, minimum thickness 12 mm.
  • Available shaped into different shapes and flame retardant treated.
  • Instal with a mounting system, magnets or screws
  • White 2700K, 4000K, 6500K or 2000-6500K LEDs
  • Lighting control on/off, dimming, Casambi, DALI or DMX, or another project specific
  • The panel structure can be opened for maintenance.


We manufacture AICCI LuminousWood light panels according to the customers’ specifications. There are several options to choose from, where each type of wood has its own characteristics, individual natural tone and pattern, and light transmittance.




Olive ash

Rotary cut birch

Sliced birch

Curly birch


American linden

Flame maple

People-friendly lighting

Both wood and light hold deeper significance for our well-being. AICCI LuminousWood natural wood surface provides a warm and natural feeling. The light filters beautifully through the wood and enhances the texture of the wood.

By adjusting the light intensity and colour temperature, you can accentuate the wood’s own shade or tint it by changing the colour temperature (K) of the white LEDs. AICCI LuominousWood light panels are designed for adaptability and people-friendly lighting.

See below how the shade of the AICCI LuminousWood light panel made from Finnish birch changes when it is switched on and the colour temperature of the light is adjusted.

Light off




Wall cladding and panel installation system

Would you like to use different wood veneer panels in the same installation? You can combine LuminousWood panels with traditional wood veneer panels and acoustic perforated panels.

The AICCI WMS 500/600 series wall cladding and panel installation system is designed to be flexible for a variety of wall cladding applications, and also supports durability as the panels can be easily removed from the profiles for maintenance.

The panels can be installed vertically or horisontally.

Learn more and realise your vision

Our solution includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation. Our designers and acclaimed network of specialists offer end-to-end project support at your request.