This page contains technical specifications and instructions for AICCI luminaires and Casambi products. You will find information to help you install and use the products, as well as help with using the Casambi light control and the Casambi app to get the most out of your luminaire.

AICCI T1 luminous table

AICCI DL1 desk lamp

AICCI DL1 620 desk lamp installation

AICCI DL1 1120 desk lamp and CH1 cable tray installation

AICCI WL1 wall light

Casambi Xpress switch

Casambi App


The Casambi App Short User Guide
for a short explanation on how to instal and use the Casambi app.

Casambi app lyhyt käyttöopas suomeksi
Lyhyt ohje siihen, miten valaisimien valaistuksen ohjaukseen tarkoitettu Casambi App -sovellus otetaan käyttöön ja miten sitä käytetään.

The Casambi App User Guide
Comprehensive Casambi app user guide

Bruksanvisning för Casambi appen
en kort användarhandbok som förklarar hur man använder Casambi appen för styrning av belysningen.

Casambi App Kurzanleitung
eine kurze Bedienungsanleitung, die erklärt, wie man die Casambi Lichtsteuerungs-App benutzt.

Casambi knowledge base

The Casambi site knowledge base
Link to the a knowledge base page maintained by Casambi, which contains useful information for Casambi users, such as Casambi user guides, frequently asked questions and videos.

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