AICCI DL1 desk lamps

Optimised for computer work


The AICCI DL1 desk lamp series is designed to support healthier activities in computer work and to add improve workstation usability. You can easily create your own individual and adjustable lighting that supports your well-being and work in a variety of ways. The AICCI DL1 desk lamp is the ideal lighting solution for improving work comfort and productivity. Ideal for both office and home office use.

The AICCI DL1 desk lamps provide an optimal, ergonomically wide light distribution for computer work, preventing eye fatigue and irritation. The pleasant light is complemented by built-in advanced Casambi lighting control technology. This ensures flexible lighting control of each desk lamp individually and in groups. Despite the group control, each user can easily create their own work lighting and adjust it to their personal and changing needs.

Superior functionality

The adjustable and adaptive 2000-6500K LED light of AICCI DL1 desk lamps can be directed straight down or bidirectionally down and up. In addition, the AICCI DL1 620 CCS and AICCI DL1 1120 CCS desk lamp models have a power distribution unit with sockets and fast USB charging.


AICCI DL1 620C desk lamp with light directed downwards.


AICCI DL1 1120CS desk lamp with light directed upwards and downwards.


Innovative 100% recyclable construction

AICCI DL1 desk lamps have been designed with the environment in mind. Created for the performance and durability of modern work, they have everything you need, nothing extra.

Robust steel construction. Luminaire head with durable light optics, professional-grad long-life LEDs and built-in Casambi Ready lighting control. A sufficiently wide beam that doesn’t need to be directed like the light of a traditional desk lamp. As a result, the AICCI DL1 desk lamps have no moving parts to care for or maintain.

AICCI DL1 desk lamps have a structure that can be opened for maintenance. All lighting and electrical parts are repairable or replaceable. All parts are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Technical specifications

The AICCI DL1 desk lamps are available in two widths: 620 mm/24.4″ and 1120 mm/47.2″. In addition to the standard white colour, we also manufacture the luminaires to match the RAL colour chart for each project.

The lamps high quality, highly adjustable light is ideal for colour management tasks alongside computer work, thanks to its high colour rendering index <90 CRI/Ra.

For product-specific specifications, please see the PDF attachments below.

Easy to set up

The AICCI DL1 desk lamps are easy to assemble and set up. No tools are required.

See the AICCI DL1 620 desk lamp installation video

A handy cable tray is also available. See the AICCI DL1 1120 desk lamp and AICCI DL1 CH1 cable tray installation video


AICCI DL1 CH1 cable tray

The AICCI DL1 CH1 cable tray is an accessory for AICCI DL1 desk lamps that helps keep workstation cables organised. The cable tray simply attaches to the table bracket of the AICCI DL1 table lamp and sits under the table without the need to attach the cable tray to the table.

– Made of powder coated steel for durability
– Mono-material & 100% recyclable
– Simple cable management
– No need to screw to the table
– Improves especially height-adjustable desk usability
– Enough space for typical computer setups including cables, control gear and power strip units etc.

W64cm x D11,3cm x H5,2cm / W25.2″ x D4.49″ x H2.5″

The corners of the cable tray are open, allowing the wires to enter neatly and the whole looks good. Delivered in the colour of the desk lamp.



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