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New desk lamp series by Aicci: Aicci DL1 desk lamps provide optimal light for office and computer work at the office and home office.

To facilitate adaptation to rapid changes in working life, lighting solutions are needed that can be easily installed, moved and modified – if possible by the users themselves. The Aicci DL1 desk lamps are a well-being lighting and performance supporting solution for these new and transforming working environments.

Aicci DL1 desk lamps, mount on the edge of the desk, taking up very little space on the tabletop and move with the height-adjustable and movable desk, providing an optimal, ergonomically comfortable and adjustable wide-angle lighting for work, preventing eye fatigue and irritation. The light of the desk lamp can be adjusted by the built-in dynamic Casambi lighting control. The luminaires have a modular design, which allows the creation of different lighting conditions, facilitates the organisation of power cables and wiring, the integration of functional accessories and the serviceability of the desk lamps.

Easy to set up

Aicci DL1 table lamps are designed to be easy to use and require no special skills to set up. The luminaire is supplied with a base, a luminaire module and an optional cable tray as separate units. The luminaire module and base are connected together without tools. The cable tray is fixed to the base of the luminaire by means of three screws, one of which is a thumb screw. We supply an installation manual and accessories with the luminaire.

Installation of Aicci DL1 620 desk lamp

Installation of Aicci DL1 1120 desk luminaire and CH1 trunking

Work well-being with light

The desk lamp’s state-of-the-art optics and LEDs, combined with a fixed glare shield, provide soft, glare-free light in the viewing direction. The light is spread over the entire length of the luminaire and ergonomically positioned to create a well-lit area at the workstation, ensuring good viewing conditions and happy eyes.


Excellent colour rendering

The excellent colour rendering of the Aicci DL1 LEDs with a CRI >90 gives a natural colour rendering that enhances the pleasantness of the light, improving work performance, concentration and productivity.

Two light distributions

Aicci DL1 desk lamps have two light distributions: straight down, and down and up. The light is directed by an easily removable and insertable reflector. Without the reflector, the light opens up as a combination of direct and indirect light down and up. With the reflector, the light is directed downwards, providing maximum luminosity on the desktop.


Different configurations

The Aicci DL1 desktop luminaires can have different configurations. The Aicci DL1 consists of a base equipped with different modules according to your needs:  a luminaire module, a control gear/socket unit, a light control and a cable tray. Thanks to their modularity, the Aicci DL1 range of luminaires perfectly meets the rapidly changing requirements of modern working life and sustainability.

Clear functionality

Everything you need, nothing extra. Sturdy steel construction, durable optics, easy-open design, and replaceable and serviceable modules ensure a long life. All lighting and electrical components are interchangeable.

As the wide-angle light does not need to be directed in the same way as a traditional desk lamp, there is no need for moving parts.


Comfort, alertness and ergonomics with light control

Individually adjustable and easily adaptable lighting control can improve well-being, comfort and ergonomics. Pleasant light that adapts at the right time creates good viewing conditions and supports positive emotions.

With the Casambi controlled Aicci DL1 C-series desk lamps, you can have a wide range of effects on work performance and efficiency. They can create the desired atmosphere, rhythm breaks and the length of the working day, as well as maintain alertness and support relaxation. Light can be adjusted manually and by timer. Individual luminaires and groups of luminaires of the desired size can be flexibly controlled together and separately, allowing flexible control of the lighting of an entire office or home office space. You can control the lighting in your own workplace and adjust it to your own personal needs, just when you want it.


Flexible variable lighting

Improve comfort and ergonomics with adaptable lighting, the Aicci DL1 C series desk lamps are Casambi Ready luminaires with white 2000 – 6500K light easily adjustable with Casambi app, switches and sensors.

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Technical specifications

The Aicci DL1 desk lamp range comes in two widths: 620 mm and 1120 mm. In addition to the standard white colour, we also manufacture the luminaires to match the RAL colour chart for each project.

For product-specific specifications, please see the PDF attachments below.


With Casambi lighting control

Tunable white LEDs, 2000-6500K


With Casambi lighting control

Tunable white LEDs, 2000-6500K


Aicci DL1 CH1 cable tray

The Aicci DL1 CH1 cable tray makes it easy to keep cable neat in office and home office, and it is an accessory of the Aicci DL1 desk lamps. The cable tray simply attaches to the base of the Aicci DL1 desk lamp and is set impeccably under the desk without the need to attach the tray to the desk. The cable tray is supplied in the same colour as the luminaire.


Aicci DL1 CH1 cable tray advantages

– Made of steel for durability
– Simple cable management
– No need to screw to the table
– Improves small height-adjustable desk usability
– Enough space for typical computer setups
– Works great with various wires and cords

The corners of the cable tray are open, allowing the wires to enter neatly and a whole look good also viewing from the trays’ end. The cable tray is delivered in the colour of the desk lamp and it is ideal for small height-adjustable desks too.

Cable tray dimensions: W64.0cm x D11.3cm x H5.2cm


Casambi Xpress -switch

The Casambi Xpress is a wireless smart switch that brings flexibility to lighting control. Casambi Xpress can be used to control all major Casambi control functions and is suitable for controlling the lighting of the Aicci DL1C series of desk lamps and other Casambi-controlled lamps. The Xpress luminaire settings are defined in the Casambi application. The switch is supplied with a mounting base on which the Xpress is magnetically mounted and can be easily picked up and held within easy reach. Available in two colours: white and black.

Casambi Xpress -katkaisin
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