Intellectual property rights

Valid from 10 January 2020

Aicci Oy owns and controls all intellectual property rights in the designs and inventions of its products and related materials. Any use of Aicci Oy’s intellectual property rights without written permission is strictly prohibited. Aicci Oy takes the protection of intellectual property rights very seriously.

Aicci Oy has applied for protection of its invention concerns illuminating furniture and structures therefor in a manner that prohibits others from professionally exploiting the invention without the written permission of Aicci Oy. Professional exploitation includes, inter alia, the manufacture, sale, use and importation of a patent pending and patented product or the use of a patent pending or patented process. The patent application of Aicci Oy for illuminating furniture and structures therefor covers, inter alia, the implementation of furniture such as the Aicci luminous tables. The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has confirmed a patent pending which protects Aicci Oy’s invention worldwide.