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AICCI started in 2006. At the time the founder of the company Sauli Koukkari was witnessing a new situation, noticing how the development of LEDs was revolutionising lighting and how the demand for special lighting was going to increase. As a designer, Sauli was especially interested in slim lighting surfaces. He looked deeper into the matter, developed the technology and the structure of lighting fixtures, where light is distributed optically over a wide area. With this method it is possible to create a luminous light, which is soft and pleasant to the eye.

Sauli used to design for the process industry of industrial electronics and in his work embraced the thinking that it should be possible to maintain and repair everything created. In line with this principle, Sauli has developed lighting structures, where LEDs can be replaced and otherwise maintained.

Päivi Charpentier has background in interior decoration and furniture design. During and after her studies she worked as an entrepreneur since 1999, designing mainly offices. Very early in her work she noticed the significance of light on a room and its users, wherefore she delved deeper into the matter.

When Sauli and Päivi met in summer 2015 on a trip with the Illuminating Engineering Society of Finland, Sauli and Päivi noticed that they shared the same vision of the significance of light, what a good light is like, and how light affects wellbeing.

As a result of their mutual understanding, Päivi started working at Aicci in summer 2016. “What I have enjoyed in this work is the diversity, the possibility to develop and meet new challenges, and to work on something that brings pleasure to me and primarily to the users of our products.” says Päivi.

They toyed with the idea of their own Aicci lighting collection, where they could utilize the knowhow and long experience, they both had in different fields. Their skills are manifested in the fact that Aicci lights have been delivered to demanding sites in more than 50 countries – they have even produced lighting fixtures for the research of light-sensitive fish.

This work of two highly skilled and experienced designers led to an idea to create a modern lighting product, which during the creative design process evolved into a table, where practicality and timelessness are combined with light that is exceptional and beautiful from the aspect of illumination technology. So began the Aicci’ story.

“We hope that our products reach the people, who value the refined design of a luminous table, the enjoyable light with versatile control range, and solutions executed in line with sustainable development principles.”

– Sauli Koukkari and Päivi Charpentier

Internationalization project of Aicci Oy in 2019

Entry to international markets was a natural sequel to our decision to create a modern lighting product. We have been helped in this by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland. The project will last until the end of 2020.

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