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Perfectly balanced and delivered light creates an intimate lighting effect that is suitable for quieter moments of contemplation or for just feeling more relaxed and restored.

AICCI® T1 – a unique luminous table collection, which is timeless, yet contemporary. The AICCI T1 tables blend well with different styles, combining Nordic design heritage and modern innovation to optimise the human yearning and desire for beauty and light.

The AICCI T1 table has received the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2020 in the furniture category and the LIT Lighting Design Awards 2021 Honorable Mention in the category “Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps”.

LIT Lighting Design Awards 2021 Honourable Mention

Good looking. Gentle on the eyes.

Soft light for the eyes is created by a combination of indirect and direct light spreading widely from the height of the table. The soft and glare-free light is optically divided and filtered so that 1/3 of the light is upwards and 2/3 downwards. The combination of AICCI T1 table and light is an elegant decorative element that completes the interior. Appropriately positioned in a space, the illuminated table introduces the space and gathers people around it.


Lighting affects alertness and well-being

Home is a place where you need to feel at total ease. Ambient light is at the foundation of our well-being and mood enhancement. Above all, if delivered thoughtfully, sensitively introduced light can transform a home and transpose the mind and senses to improved levels in realms of happiness, warmth and tranquillity.

Fully controllable light

AICCI T1 tables are modern luminaires equipped with Casambi, a state-of-the-art lighting control based on wireless and low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. Control the light of an individual luminaire device and create groups of luminaires of the desired size for group control flexibly as you wish. You can turn on and off, adjust the shade and intensity of the light manually and on a schedule. If the luminaire has more than one user, each user can also make their own settings, etc.


Light for a good mood

In the bedroom the AICCI T1 is a bedside table, an ambient and mood light and an ideal wake-up light. The illuminated table, placed next to the wall, directs light indirectly over the wall, floor and ceiling, creating a beautiful lighting covering a large area with a beautiful light. When preparing for sleep, the warm light creates an intimate atmosphere. In the dark morning, the widely spreading light glow simulates sunrise making waking up more pleasant and easier. The switching time and mode, hue and light intensity can be set to start and end the day in a pleasant light.

Luminous tabletops

The AICCI T1 tabletops are made of satin finished laminated glass having beautifully rounded edges and corners. The optics distribute light evenly and glare-free over the entire tabletop surface on both sides. The light sources selected to match preferred style, in tunable, to own choice, white or coloured LEDs.


Tables with white light sources

The AICCI T1 white light sources are infinitely dimmable and their colour temperature is adjustable from warm white to cool white between 2000 and 6500K. They are ideal for mood lighting in the bedroom and as a wake-up light to simulate sunrise.


Tables with coloured light sources

Coloured RGB lights allow you to adjust the colour of the light to millions of shades, including subtle pastel tones. The lights can be dimmed and their colour and saturation can be adjusted. Coloured lights are particularly suitable for mood lighting.


For a colour aficionado

Endlessly versatile, AICCI T1 tables offers the freedom to decorate using illumination uniquely to create a special atmosphere in any interior. Our table coloured lights offer light shades from soft pastel tones to pure and rich hues.


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