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Katuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci OyKatuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci Oy

Light has the power to influence actions and ability to function. The design of the luminaire can be visually distinctive or sophisticatedly discreet. Our comprehensive service includes everything you need for lighting, from lighting fixture to lighting control.

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd with your own design or engage with us so we can create something unique for you. The AICCI team can take your ideas from design to reality. We turn sketches and designs into functional lighting solutions.

Display case lighting by AICCIDisplay case lighting by AICCI


With a constant focus on adding value to unique lighting solutions, AICCI has been one of the preferred suppliers of high-quality lighting solutions within the building and marine industry since 2006.

We have supplied sustainable lighting solutions for prestigious projects worldwide due to our innovative AICCI mindset and effective solutions.

We focus on incorporating design, sustainability, and well-being through the lighting in each of our solutions, with the cost-of-ownership as an essential part as well.

We have implemented lighting for a wide variety of uses:

  • Architectural lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Lighting fixtures for the furniture and machinery
  • Luminous furniture and display case lighting
  • Elevator lighting
  • Installations and art lighting
  • Special lighting for the shipbuilding industry
  • Quality control and machine vision lighting

Bespoke light panels

AICCI is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of light panels, and other lighting products based on light-conducting technology. These include light panels for walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and machines as well as luminous elements, structures and individual illuminating parts for indoor and outdoor use.

The LED light source is characterised by bright light, which is distributed over a relatively small area. For example, the opening angle of the LED strip is only 120°. Such light is unpleasant to the eye and feels dazzling. Light can be made pleasant by conducting it over a wider area. This can be carried out efficiently, while taking care not to significantly reduce the light output, using high-quality optics.

With light-conducting optics, light is distributed from light sources to the desired area. Light-optics, such as plates or rods, are made from optically clear acrylic using laser technology. With laser technology, it is possible to archive unparalleled light distribution efficiency compared to other similar technologies, which means that the light produced by light sources can be effectively utilised in lighting. This also guarantees excellent energy efficiency.

To provide high-quality lighting, AICCI lighting fixtures always have custom-designed and manufactured light-conducting optics.

In terms of the final result, it should be noted that laser-machined light-conducting optics of all manufacturers do not conduct light equally well. If you are aiming for a quality result, it is important to choose a partner who masters the technique excellently.

The largest light panel that we can manufacture at AICCI with a single light conductor can be 2000 x 3000 mm in size, making the thickness of the light panel 30 mm. On a panel of this thickness, the diffuser can be made 8 mm thick glass. Acrylic, polycarbonate, thin plywood, or fabric, or similar material is also suitable as a diffuser for a light panel. Such a large-sized light panel has a perfectly uniform light when skillfully prepared. To achieve a larger evenly lit area, several light optical plates will be required.

Thanks to our solid experience, we can offer the best possible solution that meets the most demanding requirements.

Myymäläkaluste, valaiseva hyllykaluste, Gondola-keskilattiakaluste, Aicci OyMyymäläkaluste, valaiseva hyllykaluste, Gondola-keskilattiakaluste, Aicci Oy

In use

The custom-made lighting fixture can be seamlessly connected to the ensemble. In addition to materials, finishing and manufacturing method, the properties of light and its use can be determined as needed. Sustainability aspects, such as the use of local materials and local production, as well as the optimisation of the service life and maintainability, which are still easily forgotten, can be taken into account in the implementation.

AICCI’ custom-made lighting fixtures are used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, cruise ships, travel terminals, museums and residential buildings in over 50 countries, in such iconic architectural sites as the Central Library Oodi in Helsinki, the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, the 50Hertz Office Building in Berlin and the Trinity Building in New York.

In addition to indoor lighting, we have experience in the development and implementation of street, façade and park lighting solutions.

Aicci Oy referenssi: Hotelli Marski by Scandic, seinävalopaneelitAicci Oy referenssi: Hotelli Marski by Scandic, seinävalopaneelit

Lenticular light panels
Hotel Marski by Skandic, Helsinki

Aicci Oy referenssi: Aicci AI-LP02 valopaneeli, hissin valaistusAicci Oy referenssi: Aicci AI-LP02 valopaneeli, hissin valaistus

Light panels for lifts
Neste Oyj headquarters, Espoo

Aicci Oy referenssi: Valolaatikko valoa läpäisevällä kankaallaAicci Oy referenssi: Valolaatikko valoa läpäisevällä kankaalla

The Story of Finland exhibition lighting
National Museum of Finland, Helsinki


Light panels
Finlandia Hall, Helsinki


Light panels for the facade lighting
Thermal Colours light art work,
Kuopion Energia, Kuopio


Lighting for the Hellan Sydän
environmental artwork,
Pielisjoki shore, Joensuu

Aicci Oy referenssi: Media City Bergen valomastotAicci Oy referenssi: Media City Bergen valomastot

Street lighting
Media City, Bergen, Norway

Aicci Oy referenssi: Myymälakaluste, Gondola hyllyAicci Oy referenssi: Myymälakaluste, Gondola hylly

Luminous retail furniture,
Gondola shelf

Aicci Oy referenssi: Myymäläkalusteiden valaistusAicci Oy referenssi: Myymäläkalusteiden valaistus

Lighting fixtures for Lumene cosmetics,
Stockmann department store, Helsinki

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