Manufacturing customised lighting solutions

AICCI® develops and manufactures custom-made lighting solutions. We help designers, architects, artists, contractors and the manufacturing industry in the development, design and implementation of custom-made lighting. Since 2006, we have been manufacturing customised lighting fixtures. Our customised implementation allows the lighting fixtures can to be integrated into any built environment and application, both indoor and outdoor.

Katuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci OyKatuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci Oy

Working closely with designers and clients, we offer AICCI's long and extensive experience in lighting development and manufacture. Our special expertise is in the manufacture of customised light panels, light elements and illuminating surfaces, as well as any lighting, where we can apply our unique expertise in light guide technology.

Our knowledge of suitable structures and materials as well as efficient thermal management guarantees the quality of luminaires and longevity of LED components. The LEDs of all luminaires we manufacture are of the highest industrial quality, registered and documented. This allows us to guarantee the long-term functionality and ensure photometric quality whenever a project is carried out and additional quantities are delivered. As a guarantee of quality, we offer a 5-year limited warranty on the products we manufacture.

Display case lighting by AICCIDisplay case lighting by AICCI


Custom-made lighting fixtures are made to meet the needs of the user and intended use. They can be seamlessly integrated to fit into the whole both visually and technically. In addition to design, materials, finishing and manufacturing method, the quality, properties and different application possibilities of light can be defined to fit the whole. You can get exactly what you need instead of settling for the closest match in a line of mass-produced products.

In use

AICCI’ custom-made lighting fixtures are used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, cruise ships, travel terminals, museums and residential buildings in over 50 countries, in such iconic architectural sites as the Central Library Oodi in Helsinki, the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, the 50Hertz Office Building in Berlin and the Trinity Building in New York.

In addition to indoor lighting, we have experience in the development and implementation of street, façade and park lighting solutions.

Aicci Oy referenssi: Hotelli Marski by Scandic, seinävalopaneelitAicci Oy referenssi: Hotelli Marski by Scandic, seinävalopaneelit

Lenticular light panels for the lobby walls of Hotel Marski by Skandic, Helsinki

Aicci Oy referenssi: Aicci AI-LP02 valopaneeli, hissin valaistusAicci Oy referenssi: Aicci AI-LP02 valopaneeli, hissin valaistus

Light panels for lifts of Neste Oyj headquarters, Espoo

Aicci Oy referenssi: Valolaatikko valoa läpäisevällä kankaallaAicci Oy referenssi: Valolaatikko valoa läpäisevällä kankaalla

Lighting fixtures and lighting solutions for furniture and display cabinets for the Story of Finland exhibition at the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki


Light panel installations with uneven light imitating marble surface for the Finlandia Hall corridor, Helsinki


Transparent light panels for the Thermal Colours light art work, Kuopion Energia, Kuopio


Illuminating house part of the Hellan Sydän (Heart of hearth) an environmental artwork,
Pielisjoki shore, Joensuu

Aicci Oy referenssi: Media City Bergen valomastotAicci Oy referenssi: Media City Bergen valomastot

Light pole lights for the promenade in Media City, Bergen, Norway

Aicci Oy referenssi: Myymälakaluste, Gondola hyllyAicci Oy referenssi: Myymälakaluste, Gondola hylly

Luminous Gondola retail shelf furniture for cosmetics

Aicci Oy referenssi: Myymäläkalusteiden valaistusAicci Oy referenssi: Myymäläkalusteiden valaistus

Luminaires for Lumene cosmetics in Stockmann department store in Helsinki