Delightful Aicci table for comfortable livingDelightful Aicci table for comfortable living
Illuminating table with soft light for comfortable livingIlluminating table with soft light for comfortable living
Aicci T1 miellyttävää ja pehmeää valoa olohuoneeseenAicci T1 miellyttävää ja pehmeää valoa olohuoneeseen

Dear guest, welcome to the Aicci web pages and online store.

Aicci® is a Finnish lighting manufacturer whose production is located in Muurame, the Finnish Lakeland. We manufacture unique luminous tables for home and hospitality. Order your new favorite  table and lamp combo from our online store.

Besides, Aicci is specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom-made lighting solutions for companies who value superior quality and project experience. We have been delivering our lighting fixtures and light related products for various branches of industry, such as the construction, furniture, marine, and machinery industries across the world for over fourteen years.


A lighting fixture and table two-in-one

Aicci tables are designed as multipurpose lighting fixtures and tables. These illuminating tables are a fascinating combination of a special patented structure and pleasant light. The whole table-top illuminates the surroundings widely and evenly on both sides, while you can control the illuminating element with white or coloured LED lights like a professional. Adjust the lighting and atmosphere in your room easily with the smart lighting control of the Aicci T1 table. Select the table for your need or combine a set of tables from a range of five sizes.


Aicci table T1, size S, white LED lights

Fascinating light

This fascinating light comes from a combination of indirect and direct light, which are distributed widely from the table height, below the field of vision. The soft non-glare lighting surface of the tabletop is achieved through optically appropriate distribution and filtering of light. The share of upwards pointed light is 1/3, while the share of downwards pointed light is 2/3.

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Good mood with light

Enjoy the light, which is emitted horizontally from the correct height to simulate sunlight. If you set the bedroom lights switch on/off automatically with a timer, using the proper colour temperature and intensity of light, your days will start and end in a pleasant light. In the bedroom, the Aicci T1 table replaces the traditional bedside table and separate lamp and serves also as an ideal wake-up light.


Aicci table T1, size S, white LED lights


Aicci table T1, sizes M and L, coloured LED lights

Smart lighting control

Change the mood in your room as easily as you can swipe the pictures here. Aicci tables come with Casambi lighting control as a standard, used for dimming the light of the table and to adjust the colour and saturation of the light. You can control the lights wirelessly through a telephone, pad or smart clock, manually or automatically with a timer. Lighting can also be controlled with special switches or sensors.

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The finishing touch to your decor

Aicci T1 tables lead into the room, invite people around and catch the eye. The captivating and versatile furniture offers freedom to organize and illuminate rooms important for comfort, recuperation and relaxation.


Aicci table T1, sizes XS and M, white frame, coloured LED lights

Illuminating table panels

The panels of Aicci T1 tables are produced from laminated glass – a safety glass with nicely rounded edges and corners. The colour of the illuminating panels and the mood in the illuminated room can be shaded with adjustable lights and Casambi control integrated into the tables. The optics in the panel distributes the light evenly across the whole panel. The light is distributed glare-free on both sides of the tabletop. We produce tables with two alternative light sources: coloured LEDs or white LEDs.


Tables with white sources of light

With adjustable white source of light, the colour temperature can be adjusted from 2000 to 6500K. Lights of white shade can be dimmed and the colour temperature tuned from warm white to cool white. A table supplied with these sources of light which simulate sunrise and sunset, could be used, for example, as a bedside table.

Due to the high quality of the LEDs, the adjustable colour temperature range of Aicci T1 tables is extremely wide, exceeding the 2700K colour temperature of the old-fashioned incandescent lamp and going well beyond the 5000K colour temperature referred to as daylight.

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Tables with coloured sources of light

With adjustable coloured RGB sources of light, the colour of light can be adjusted to a million different shades, including subtle pastels. Lights can be dimmed, the colour and saturation can be adjusted. Tables supplied with coloured lights are especially suitable for lounge areas, where you could want to change the mood by means of lighting.

Modern lighting

Pleasantly soft, non-glare and adjustable light for comfort and well-being with Nordic touch.

Functionality and aesthetics

Aicci T1 table with lighting control

Aicci T1 XL sofa table with a unique light

Sininen Avainlippu ja Design from Finland -tunnukset Aicci Oy:lle merkiksi suomaisesta työstä ja muotoilusta.

We have been granted the Key Flag symbol and the Design from Finland mark.

The Key Flag is a mark of origin and a sign of Finnish work. With Key Flag sign the Association for Finnish Work committed company also for responsible work: to create jobs, to take into account the responsibility of production and operations, and to support the competence, well-being, and equality of employees.

The Design from Finland mark of the Association for Finnish Work can be awarded for a product, product group, or service that strongly represents Finnish design competence. The mark tells the company has invested in professional design and achieved business advantages through design. User-centered design is also the main criteria for getting the award.


Good feeling with light

We in Aicci believe in light as the source of strength. A good light, a right type of light, makes you feel good and boosts your energy levels. With light it is especially important, how we feel it. The way anyone sees and experiences light – feels the light – is individual.

This is partially the reason why the requirements for light differs between applications. Our products are therefore tailored to the specific needs of the client, finding the optimum solution for the intended use.

We delight in the aesthetics, ethicalness and eco-friendliness of our operations and products.

Aesthetics means to us not only visual beauty, but also all the emotions our products evoke in their users, similarly to light.

Ethicalness means that we have the highest regard of individuals, our interest groups and the environment.

As for ethicalness, we challenge ourselves to consider our operations and products comprehensively, from the choice of production methods and materials to the end of the product life cycle.

By these actions we believe that we bring good mood with our lights.

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