AICCI LuminousWood light panel made of the curly birchAICCI LuminousWood light panel made of the curly birch
AICCI T3 and T4 luminous wood coffee and side tablesAICCI T3 and T4 luminous wood coffee and side tables
AICCI PL1 wave pendant lightAICCI PL1 wave pendant light

We are light creators

Productivity, well-being and comfort with light. AICCI® brand products and customised solutions for architectural, interior and art lighting, as well as for industrial needs. Made in Finland.

Our products

Katuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci OyKatuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci Oy
Myymäläkaluste, valaiseva hyllykaluste, Gondola-keskilattiakaluste, Aicci OyMyymäläkaluste, valaiseva hyllykaluste, Gondola-keskilattiakaluste, Aicci Oy

Customised lighting

AICCI's customised lighting fixtures are used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, cruise ships, passenger terminals, museums, city streets and parks, and homes.

Good feeling with light

We in AICCI believe in light as the source of strength. A good light, a right type of light, makes you feel good and boosts your energy levels. With light it is especially important how it feels.