AICCI® brand lighting products. Custom manufacturing of lighting solutions. AICCI develops, designs and manufactures light panels, illuminating furniture and special lighting fixtures sustainably in Muurame, Finland. Our lighting solutions can be found in interior, architectural and industrial applications. In addition to manufacturing, we restores, refurbish and modify luminaires.

AICCI luminous tables

Aicci T1 luminous bedside table with tunable white LED lightsAicci T1 luminous bedside table with tunable white LED lights

AICCI T1 tables

Coffee and side tables

Aicci T2 luminous Finnish designer dining tableAicci T2 luminous Finnish designer dining table

AICCI T2 tables

Dining & lounge tables

AICCI T3 luminous wooden round coffee tables with tunable LEDsAICCI T3 luminous wooden round coffee tables with tunable LEDs

AICCI T3 tables

Wooden tables

AICCI T4 luminous wooden side table with tunable white LEDsAICCI T4 luminous wooden side table with tunable white LEDs

AICCI T4 tables

Wooden table

Custom-made lighting

Katuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci OyKatuvalaisimet, Tehomet ja Aicci Oy
Myymäläkaluste, valaiseva hyllykaluste, Gondola-keskilattiakaluste, Aicci OyMyymäläkaluste, valaiseva hyllykaluste, Gondola-keskilattiakaluste, Aicci Oy

AICCI custom-made lighting fixtures are used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, cruise ships, travel terminals, museums, city streets and parks, and premium housing in already over 50 countries.

AICCI desk lamps


Ultimate light for computer work. Adjustable and timed desk light to your individual needs. AICCI desk lamps support your workflow and well-being, and save energy costs.

AICCI wall lights


A minimalist expression of comfort. Its signature is a softly tunable light that flows in two directions along the entire length of the luminaire. Available in three lengths.


Good feeling with light

We in AICCI believe in light as the source of strength. A good light, a right type of light, makes you feel good and boosts your energy levels. With light it is especially important, how we feel it. The way anyone sees and experiences light – feels the light – is individual.

This is partially the reason why the requirements for light differs between applications and users. Our luminaires lights are therefore adjustable and also tailored to the specific when needs of the client, finding the optimum solution for the intended use.

We delight in the aesthetics, ethicalness and eco-friendliness of our operations and products.

Aesthetics means to us not only visual beauty, but also all the emotions our products evoke in their users, similarly to light.

Ethicalness means that we have the highest regard of individuals, our interest groups and the environment.

As for ethicalness, we challenge ourselves to consider our operations and products comprehensively, from the choice of production methods and materials to the end of the product life cycle.

By these actions we believe that we bring good mood with our lights.