Aicci T1 luminous table

Tables for mood lighting


Aicci DL1 desk lamp

Optimal light for computer and office work


Aicci WL1 wall light

Beautiful light for interior design and bathrooms


Customised lighting fixtures and luminous furniture

We manufacture customised luminaires and lighting solutions.

Luminous Aicci T1 coffee and side tables

Aicci T1 tables offer functionality and aesthetics with tunable lights and intelligent Casambi light control

Luminous Aicci T1 XL coffee table

Luminous Aicci T1 XL coffee table

Aicci DL1 620 desk lamp installation

Aicci DL1 1120 desk lamp and CH1 cable tray installation

Aicci DL1 620CS desk lamp 360°


Good feeling with light

We in Aicci believe in light as the source of strength. A good light, a right type of light, makes you feel good and boosts your energy levels. With light it is especially important, how we feel it. The way anyone sees and experiences light – feels the light – is individual.

This is partially the reason why the requirements for light differs between applications and users. Our luminaires lights are therefore adjustable and also tailored to the specific when needs of the client, finding the optimum solution for the intended use.

We delight in the aesthetics, ethicalness and eco-friendliness of our operations and products.

Aesthetics means to us not only visual beauty, but also all the emotions our products evoke in their users, similarly to light.

Ethicalness means that we have the highest regard of individuals, our interest groups and the environment.

As for ethicalness, we challenge ourselves to consider our operations and products comprehensively, from the choice of production methods and materials to the end of the product life cycle.

By these actions we believe that we bring good mood with our lights.

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