Luminous wooden tables

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A magnificent example of skilful Finnish design and craftmanship. A perfect table and luminaire combination that complement any room and adorn any home.

The high level of light ambiance of the AICCI® T3 and AICCI® T4 derives from the interaction of two qualities; the ability of the highest grade turned Finnish birch plywood to filter and reflect light, aesthetically and AICCI®’s unique innovation of using state of the art LED light optics, with control, integral to the furniture design to achieve a natural effect.

As we are all individual our vision is unique and, since equally so, are our lifestyles and preferences widely diverse, the tables have adaptive light. A table that is also an adaptable luminaire could enhance mood and be beneficial in so many ways to our human psyche.

The collection comes in 4 sizes, to allow you to arrange your comfort zone to live the way you feel and desire.

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In the AICCI® T3 layers of thin natural, heritage of birch wood are arranged in a table frame and on luminous top surface. This gives the AICCI® T3 a warm Nordic touch and provides a distinctive lighting experience. The AICCI® T3 features are our most advanced innovations, offered together for maximum sensation of comfort. The wood we use is grown in Finland. Extremely harsh winters produce wood that has an attractive pale appearance when harvested in winter. This is the birch used to make each AICCI® luminous wooden table. The result is a unique concord that is both constructed to produce and deliver light sensitively and to be functional as a table – with each table unique, distinctive and individual as a piece of furniture, due to the naturally occurring variation in the wood’s texture.



When technical innovations meets smart user-friendly design, the result is unparalelled comfort

With the widely tunable white LED lights, you can modify the light on your tables to match the style and mood you want. Tunable white describes the variable colour temperature, the light from warm white to cool white light. By achieving the right colour temperature and light intensity, artificial lighting can contribute to human well-being. This kind of high-quality lighting benefits above all people who do not have the opportunity to go outdoors daily and spend enough time in the natural light.

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AICCI® T4 is the perfect side table for your living and bedroom. Its round shape and pleasant light provides a sense of security by creating a cosy, sympathetic environment.

In the bedroom, the AICCI® T4 is a combination of the sturdy nightstand and versatile, controllable lighting fixture. This combination provides optimal daily comfort, keeps items that are important to you at your fingertips, as well as delivering the lighting that suits every situation.

The table has a round light area on both sides of the tabletop, allowing bi-directional light, and a shelf at the bottom. The planes are connected to each other by light-capturing, solid birch rods. The AICCI® T4 dynamic bidirectional light adapts to changing needs – and tones – while maintaining a comforting familiarity. Only 43 cm / 16.9” wide, the table reserves a small footprint in your room, being a suitable option for even the smallest spaces. Equipped with plug-in, it is easy to move and deploy.

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AICCI WOODEN tables are offered in two models: AICCI T3 and AICCI T4. AICCI T3 is available in three sizes: S, M and L, and AICCI T4 is available in one size.

The AICCI T3 version for coffee and side table use can be placed to any desired interior as a single table or in groups, while the AICCI T4 is a round side table with a shelf under the table.

Both table designs feature bi-directional tunable LED lights, seamless adjustable colour temperature, from cool white to warm white, bringing a natural lighting effect to the natural wood tabletop and interior decoration, allowing for appropriate targeting of individual needs and situations.



D 65 x H 43 cm
D 25.6″ x H 16.9″

Tunable white LEDs (TW)

Colour temperature      2000 – 6500K
Colour rendering index Ra>90
Luminous flux              2720lm
Power                          31,7W
Consumption/1000h    34,8kWh
Lifetime                       60.000h



D 85 x H 37 cm
D 33.5″ x H 14.6″

Tunable white LEDs (TW)

Colour temperature      2000 – 6500K
Colour rendering index Ra>90
Luminous flux              3740lm
Power                          43,6W
Consumption/1000h    47,9kWh
Lifetime                       60.000h



D 110 x H 31 cm
D 43.3″ x H 12.2″

Tunable white LEDs (TW)

Colour temperature      2000 – 6500K
Colour rendering index Ra>90
Luminous flux              4930lm
Power                          57,4W
Consumption/1000h    63,2kWh
Lifetime                       60.000h



D 43 x H 50 cm
D 16.9″ x H 19.7″

Tunable white LEDs (TW)

Colour temperature      2000 – 6500K
Colour rendering index Ra>90
Luminous flux              2040lm
Power                          23,8W
Consumption/1000h    26,1kWh
Lifetime                       60.000h


T3 tabletop and T4 tabletop, shelf and pedestal: birch thin plywood, glass and acrylic optics
T4 rods: solid birch wood
Birch used for the AICCI® tables grows in PECF certified commercial forests in Finland.
T3 legs: powder coated steel
T4 power tube: powder coated aluminium

Lighting control

The built-in wireless Casambi lighting control with the functions: light intensity and hue control, calendar and timer, scenes, animation, sunrise and sunset, grouping and gallery control intuitively. Compatible with smartphones, tablets and watches (Casambi app for iOs and Android), wall switches, remote controllers, and motion and daylight sensors, and all Casambi Ready luminaires.

Design and manufacturer

The AICCI® tables are manufactured in Muurame, Finland and were designed by designer pair Päivi Charpentier and Sauli Koukkari.

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Wooden tables

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