AICCI® produces high-performance lighting in Finland. AICCI was founded in 2006 by Sauli Koukkari to make custom-specific lighting fixtures for various industry sectors, such as elevator engineering company Kone Corporation, and architectural sites.

In 2016, Sauli Koukkari and Päivi Charpentier joined forces to complement the AICCI offering. The AICCI luminaire collection is the result of this collaboration. In the same year, AICCI expanded and moved its production facilities from Säynätsalo (Jyväskylä) to Muurame.

Today, we continue to work in line with our values to bring out the finest qualities of light and adding joy to people’s lives with innovative and responsibly developed, designed and manufactured lighting for indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as for the needs of the manufacturing industry.

What does AICCI stand for

AICCI means ‘seeing, observing and understanding’. AICCI is an old word of the ancient language that has evolved into words and phrases meaning ‘seeing, observing and understanding’ in many languages, such as “I see” and “I see what you mean” in English.

AICCI refers to how we work and how we approach our work by seeing, observing and developing understanding. We bring a forward-looking perspective to contemporary lighting. Our team collaborates with architects and designers around the world and welcomes partnerships with designers, researchers and artists, as well as local and environmentally conscious businesses. “We make lighting for the future – not just to create a visual impact, but also to consider the wider impact on people and the environment.”

Nordic perspective on lighting

We come from the land of the Nothern Lights, the midnight sun and the polar night, where light has a special meaning. Light soothes, awakens and activates us. It gives rhythm to nature and human life. We want to support this activity and the natural rhythm of life that is important to all of us.

We are inspired by the variations of natural light. Light can make us melancholy, but it can also bring peace. Light has a sacred nature; without it we would not exist. We can’t touch light, but it touches us. The clear sky of northern spring is an annual miracle and a sign of spring that inspires us to create something new.

We know how light affects us. We are aware that light affects not only our eyes and vision, but also our behavior, our sleep-wake cycle, alertness, mood and memory. These all affect our well-being. For this reason, AICCI collection lights are made to be good for eyes and mind, and adjustable to provide ideal light for changing situations.

We also know that light that hits the eyes affects the body’s internal clocks, which control cell division, metabolism, hormone secretion, neurotransmitters, and the production of growth factors. So, it matters what kind of light we have around us.

In other words, light has a profound effect on human physiology and well-being. Therefore, it is not only what kind of light we are exposed to, but also how light shapes our lives and environment. That is why it is especially important to us at AICCI what kind of light we deliver.