Aicci is an internationally award-winning Finnish design studio and lighting manufacturer. Since the company founding in 2006, we have been working to bring out the finest qualities of light and enhance the joy of life. Our luminaires, manufactured in Muurame, Finland, serve lovers of beautiful and long-lasting light in over 50 countries.

Our journey has been marked by close cooperation with manufacturing industries, such as the lift company Kone Plc, and with the masters of contemporary architecture, industrial and lighting design. Decades of experience have helped us to develop our own lighting collection. Today, we provide luxurious designer lighting solutions such as Aicci T1 luminous tables, as well as bespoke fixtures for interiors and demanding architectural projects around the world.


The name of the company refers to what we do and how we approach our work. The old word “aicci” means seeing, observing and understanding, and has evolved into the English expressions “I see” and also “I see what you mean.”

Design philosophy

Aicci collection combines Nordic design heritage with modern innovation to make the best of light. We want to create joy and beauty through practical, human-friendly lighting solutions that support comfort and well-being. We make lights that caresses the human eye and the mind.

Nordic perspective on lighting

We come from a land of northern light, midnight sun, polar night and aurora borealis, where light has a special meaning. Light calms, awakens and activates us. It gives rhythm to nature and human life. We want to support these actions and the natural rhythm of life that is important to us all.

We are inspired by the variation of natural light. The light may make us melancholic, but it can also bring peace. Light has a sacred nature; without it we would not exist. We cannot touch light, but it touches us. The bright, clear skies of northern spring are an annual miracle and a sign of spring, inspiring us to create something new.

We know how light affects us. We are aware that light not only affects our eyes and vision, but also our behaviour, sleep-wake cycle, alertness, mood and memory. These all affect our well-being. Our lighting fixtures are made to be gentle on the eyes and controllable for ensuring the ideal light for every situation.

We also know that light hitting the eyes affects the body’s internal clocks that control cell division, metabolism, hormone secretion, neurotransmitters, and growth factor production. That way it matters what kind of light we surround us.

In other words, light has a profound effect on the whole of human physiology and well-being. It therefore matters not only what kind of light we are in, but also how light shapes our lives. That’s why it’s important for us at Aicci to take great care about your well-being – how we touch you by light.

We are looking for partners to expand our love for light to benefit others around us. Let’s begin our shared journey!