AICCI warranty

All products manufactured by AICCI have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Consumer customer guarantee

The guarantee starts from the date of purchase or the date of delivery, whichever is later. Keep the receipt or certificate of delivery as proof of purchase.

The guarantee is an additional guarantee and does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights or the consumer’s rights against the retailer arising from the contract of sale between the consumer and the retailer.

The product warranty is limited to the countries where AICCI Ltd sells products.

Warranty for business customers

The warranty becomes effective at date of delivery. (General terms and conditions for business customers by AICCI). The product guarantee is valid against a delivery note from the seller who supplied the product, indicating the delivery date.

What's covered

AICCI provides a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the following products manufactured by AICCI:

  • AICCI luminous tables
  • AICCI DL1 work desk lamps and cable trays
  • AICCI WL1 wall lights
  • customer and project specific lighting equipment and lighting related products

For products purchased before August 2022, the AICCI limited manufacturer´s warranty is 3-years.

Other products sold by AICCI are covered by a minimum 2-year warranty.

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects provided that the product has been installed/used and maintained:

  • In accordance with the instructions for installation and use.
  • Purely according to the intended use and application specifications.
  • Within the specified operating range, e.g. dry indoor environment.
  • Within the specified operating voltage, current and frequency range.
  • In accordance with maintenance and cleaning instructions.

AICCI will remedy the manufacturing and material defect at its own discretion either by repair or replacement or by reimbursing the purchase price to the Customer.

What's not covered

The guarantee is not valid if:
• The product has been incorrectly assembled or installed
• The product has been mechanically damaged or has been stored inappropriately.
• The product has been cleaned in the wrong way or with the wrong type of cleaner.
• Damage or malfunction caused by overvoltage, misuse, acts of nature (e.g. thunder or lightning), water damage, fire or other unexpected or unforeseen circumstances.
• The product has been modified without the written permission and instructions of Aicci.
• The product rating plate is not legible.

The warranty does not cover:

  • No indirect damage of any kind.
  • The cost of identifying, repairing or replacing the defective product or any other costs, such as assembly and disassembly costs, travel and labour costs.
  • Failure or loss of luminosity due to natural wear and tear. During the guarantee period, the luminous intensity of the luminaires shall not be reduced by more than 30 % of the luminous intensity promised.
  • Products purchased second-hand.
  • Normal maintenance and repairs.

If you discover a defect

If you discover a fault or defect in a product under warranty, please contact us immediately by emailing Please clearly and in detail, in words and with photos, explain what the complaint concerns.

The warranty is only valid when the date of purchase/delivery can be verified by presenting a receipt/delivery document. We also need the serial number of the product. You can find the serial number on the value plate of the product.

Guarantee procedure

To resolve the defect, the dealer/Customer must send the defective product to the AICCI factory in Muurame or to any other place specified by AICCI. Return shipments always require the prior consent of AICCI. AICCI will inspect the defective product without delay upon its arrival. AICCI will be responsible for the costs of the return shipment and the shipment of the repaired/new product.

If you have any questions regarding the product warranty, please contact us.

Customer services:
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