AICCI Lights Reference, National Museum of Finland, Story of Finland exhibition, exhibition lights, bannerAICCI Lights Reference, National Museum of Finland, Story of Finland exhibition, exhibition lights, banner

Customised museum lighting

Story of Finland exhibition

The Story of Finland was a permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Finland. It touchingly told the story of Finland’s years of independence. The story was put together by, among others, film director Juho Kuosmanen, multi-talented cultural artist Kaarina Hazard, historian Teemu Keskisarja, set designer Kari Kankaanpää. Elina Warsta was responsible for graphic design and illustrations and lighting design Jenni Pystynen.

AICCI was tasked to implement customised and integrated lighting solutions in close collaboration with the exhibition production, design and constrution team. We were particularly happy that we were able to create user-centric solutions and an equal exhibition and museum environment with tailored lighting for everyone in collaboratorion and understanding.

The brief included showcase lighting fixtures, illuminated signages and information panels, an illuminated stretched fabric panel for wall with integrated sound and acoustic system, and a range of bespoke linear and panel luminaires.

Photos: James Medcraft

Lighting is an important part of the all-inclusive user experience in physical museum environments. Good museum lighting is inviting and guides you through the exhibition.

An illuminated flexible fabric panel wall with an integrated sound system for five simultaneous sounds. The acoustic of the light panel controlled the sounds so that they could be heard clearly and did not mix with each other. Despite the sound technology inside the panel, the light surface evenly illuminated.

Lighting guides you through the space. The integrated lighting of exhibits and signage creates rhythm and structures the exhibition space. Low-light-tolerant objects are placed in low light.

A light panel can provide dim and focused light in low-light areas, as well as easy-to-read signage.

Illuminating signage makes it easier to find your way around the exhibition and read the signs. In this way, lighting improves equality.

Illuminated signage is part of functional lighting in museums. To renew the signs, the text can be changed quite simply.

Tailored showcase lighting and illuminating signs complement the well-considered general and targeted lighting.

The showcase lighting of the coffee cup carousel is realised with an AICCI Classic light panel.

The lighting of the display case was carried out by an AICCI LP2 light panel made according to the dimensions of the display case. Thanks to the panel light, the showcase lighting is distraction-free and controlled – light intensity, colour and hue are fully controllable, no glare, no bright LED light spots.

The lighting of the showcases and the illuminated information board on the wall are realised with AICCI Classic light panels.

A round table serves customised lighting.
The light panel can be used to create clear, streamlined and fully adjustable lighting for display cases.

The lighting of the glass showcase is based on a customised light panel that illuminates both the exhibit and its informative text.

The lighting in the Heavy Rock corridor was implemented with custom-made linear luminaires.
To leave only a small footprint and ensure a long lifetime, AICCI multifunctional light panels are designed and manufactured with care. The panels have also been designed with serviceability in mind.

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