What is Casambi?

Casambi is an ecosystem and application designed for wireless lighting control.

BLE technology

Casambi is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that is a type of Bluetooth technology that operates with minimal energy consumption and a low data capacity compared, by Bluetooth classic. Casambi is developed by the Finnish company Casambi Technologies Oy. The simplest Casambi setup consists of a Casambi luminaire and a Casambi switch, or mobile phone with the Casambi application downloaded. The app is available for free for both iOs and Android devices.

Benefits of wireless lighting control

Wireless lighting control is much more than just turning the lights on, off, and dim. It improves the usability of light and lighting. With Casambi, users can control their own light and share usage to promote ergonomics and support well-being and safety. At the same time, the adaptability, comfort, and energy efficiency of premises will be improved.

Manufacture-independent system

The idea behind Casambi is to offer manufacture-independent lighting control. Luminaires and devices from different manufactures can be used and controlled together based on same technology. Devices from different manufacturers are 100% compatible products. This means a wide and rapidly growing range of lighting fixtures, switches and many other devices from different manufacturers can be easily used and adjusted together. Currently, almost all manufacturers of high-quality luminaires offer Casambi Ready luminaires or, an option, Casambi. In addition, luminaires with no Casambi can be made compatible with Casambi devices by installing a Casambi module on them. Casambi partners are listed on the Casambi website.

How to start with Casambi light control?

All AICCI Casambi luminaires and luminous tables are Casambi Ready. This means that they come with a pre-configured and built-in Casambi control.

Once you have connected the lamp to the mains, you can start adjusting the light and set your settings with the Casambi app. The basic functions of Casambi consist of switching lights on and off, adjusting the brightness of the light, and adjusting the hue and intensity of the light. Take the first step and download the free Casambi app on your phone and check out here the Casambi App Short User Guide. A more extensive Casambi App User Manual can be found here.

Download Casambi App

The Casambi App is available for free on the App Store for iOs devices and on Google Play for Android devices by clicking on the icons here:

Fully scalable

Casambi offers a fully scalable lighting control. You use it to control a single luminaire, groups of needed size or manage a wide and complex system. Casambi connects lamps and other device, making a mesh network where each device acts as an amplifier. The range of the single Casambi device is 50m.

How many devices you can control with Casambi?

Casambi has two different firmware, called Classic and Evolution. Classic can have 127 devices. Evolution can have up to 250 devices. Larger entities are built by combining networks.

Easy to use and share device usage with others

Casambi control is not only easy to use, but also easy to collaborate on. Access to devices can be shared between multiple users by sharing a mesh. The mesh can be open, or password protected. With the sharing the mesh, you also create a backup of the mesh.

Ease of installation and moving

The advantage of wireless lighting control is that devices can be easily instal and move. This can be especially useful for retrofitting existing facilities and building, as well as places where installation may need to be modified, or is difficult and expensive to implement. Choosing wireless control can save you money.

DALI connectivity or interoperability via Casambi DALI gateway

Casambi has a DALI gateway that can be seamlessly integrated with existing DALI systems. Casambi network can be used as part of DALI installation. The Casambi DALI gateway looks like a standard DALI gear to the DALI controller. Read more about Casambi DALI Gateway that is enabling wireless DALI networks here. Details about the Casambi DALI gateway you will find here.