Casambi Xpress switch


Casambi Xpress is a wireless switch for controlling Casambi luminaires, bringing flexibility to lighting control and interior design. Casambi Xpress can be used to control all the main Casambi control functions. The settings are defined in the Casambi application. The switch is supplied with a wall mounting plate to which the Xpress attaches with magnets, making it easy to keep it where you want to use it. Range up to 50 m in open space.

Available colours are white and black.

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– Luminaire control
– Group lighting control
– Lighting control of all luminaire
– Lighting control of a sigle lighting fixture
– Lighting control of the luminaires groups
– Recall scenes
– Recall animations
– Smooth dimming
– Smooth change of colour temperature of the tunable white LEDs
– Battery CR 2430 Lithium-ion, battery life 2-5 years, depending on usage
– Range up to 50 m in open air
– CE-marked product
– Designed by Casambi Technologies, Espoo, Finland

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Dimensions0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 cm
Switch colour

White / Valkoinen, Black / Musta

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