Aicci WL1 400C

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Aicci WL1 400C is a clean line wall lamp with integrated Casambi lighting control. Suitable for a bedroom as a bedside light and for creating beautiful light on any wall even in the bathroom. Provides a comfortable bi-directional light along the entire length of the luminaire. With cutting-edge optic, LEDs, and fixed anti-glare protection you can enjoy a pleasant combination of direct and indirect light. Designed in Finland and made in Muurame, Central Finland by Aicci.

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WL1 400C Wall lightfeatures
    Beautiful and clear Nordic design
    Eye-pleasing light
    Durable powder coated steel body
    State-of-the-art optics and LEDs
    Integrated state-of-the-art optic, LEDs and Casambi lighting control module
    Easy to install in wall and mirror cabinet
    IP44 rated for bathroom
    Sustainable Finnish design and manufacturing
    Easy-to-open structure where electrical parts can be repaired or replaced
    CE marked product

Designers: Päivi Charpentier and Sauli Koukkari

Applications: wall light, bedside side and reading light
Size: length 40.3 cm, depth 11.0 cm and height 2.8 cm
Colour: white, RAL 9016
Materials: powder-coated steel, acrylic optics
Weight by model:  fixed installation 1.2 kg and with connection cable 1.3 kg

Easy to install
Horizontal or vertical installation.
Mounting from the back or through a base plate, when you like to mount the lamp on top of a bathroom mirror cabinet.

Top colour rendering
The Aicci WL1 400C wall light provides 680 lumens of white light with a colour temperature of 2000-6500 K, which appears natural thanks to its excellent colour rendering properties CRI >90.

The extensively controllable lights are suitable for creating a perfect look and atmosphere. A pleasant adaptable tone of the light at the right time can support positive feelings. The light you can rhythm a day, affect your work capacity and effectiveness, and assist relaxation and rest.

LED lifespan greater than 60 000 hours
The new generation of LEDs with an incredibly high expectation of over 60,000 hours of life. That means at least 30 years of use, when you use the luminaire 5.5 hours a day.

Energy efficient
Aicci WL1 400C is an energy-efficient wall luminaire with an LED efficiency of 91-145 lm/W and a power consumption of only 5.8 W. The calculated annual electricity consumption/1000 h is 6.4 kWh.

Classifications and certificates
Enclosing class: plugged-in IP20, with fixed connection IP44
Protection class: II
Energy class: A++
Declaration of conformity
CE marked product
Design from Finland and Finnish Key Flag certified

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 220 – 240 VAC
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Power: 5.8 W
Consumption/1000h: 6.4 kWh

Lighting data
Colour: Neutral white
Colour temperature: 2000 – 6500 K
Intensity: 680 lm
Distribution: bi-directional 50 / 50
Colour rendering index (CRI): >90
Lifetime L80B50C1: >60 000h
Efficiency: 2000K, 91 lm/W, 6500K 145 lm/W

Light control

Aicci WL1 400C has an integrated Casambi controller that allows you to wirelessly change the brightness and hue of the light, switch luminaires on and off individually and in groups as you wish, with manual and timer functions.

Content of delivery
The delivery includes the lamp with integrated light sources, Casambi controller and control gear, installation instructions and fixing screws.
A lamp with a plug-in cable has a textile-coated power cable with a euro plug. Cable colour white and the length 2.3 m.

Mounting: screw fixing from back or through the base plate
Electrical connection: plug-in cable or fixed installation

Warranty period 3 years

All electrical parts including light sources are replaceable with spare parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A professional qualification is required to carry out electrical work.

Weight0.0 kg
Dimensions0.63 × 0.13 × 0.05 cm
Electrical wiring

Kiinteä / Fixed, Pistotulppajohdolla / Power cord plug

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