Aicci WL1 600C wall lamp

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Aicci WL1 600C is a clean line linear Nordic wall lamp with integrated Casambi lighting control. Suitable for a bedroom as a bedside light and for creating beautiful light on any wall even in the bathroom. Provides comfortable bi-directional light along the entire length of the luminaire. With cutting-edge optics, LEDs, and fixed anti-glare protection you can enjoy a pleasant combination of direct and indirect light. Designed and made in Muurame, Finland by Aicci.

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Aicci WL1 600C wall lamp features
    Beautiful and clear Nordic design
    Eye-pleasing light
    Durable powder coated steel body
    Built-in state-of-the-art optics, LEDs and Casambi lighting control
    Easy mounting
    IP44 rated for bathroom
    Sustainable Finnish design and manufacturing
    Easy-to-open structure. All electrical parts can be repaired or replaced by a professional.
    CE marked product

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions0.63 × 0.13 × 0.05 cm
Electrical wiring

Kiinteä / Fixed, Pistotulppajohdolla / Power cord plug

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